Top 10 Technology Challenges in 2021

Learn more about the top IT challenges facing information technology professionals in 2021, and how to tackle them. Many businesses were relieved to see 2020 behind them. This was a year that proved extremely difficult from both a business and public health perspective. The ability to use technology to drive new ways to do business was a key factor in the success of companies that survived and even thrived during the past year. While 2020 may have facilitated digital transformation for many companies, there are still growing pains and some IT issues that remain.
What are the current IT issues?
Technology enabled many businesses to survive in 2020. However, there are many IT issues to be aware of as we look forward for a year of technological success. We’ve compiled ten of the most pressing issues facing technology industry in 2021. These include cyber-attacks, information security, and implementing an IT strategy as a part of overall business strategy.
Cybersecurity threats continue
Cybersecurity has become more important over the years for many reasons. Many businesses have made data their most valuable resource and we are now seeing more malicious activity such as malware. As attackers try to exploit vulnerabilities, data breaches and incidents are increasing in frequency. Technology companies are increasing their cybersecurity efforts to ensure business continuity as well as supply chain safety.
Cybersecurity isn’t just a business concern. Attacks on governments are increasing in number. Dissenters use access to information and misinformation to undermine government initiatives and sovereignty. Nation states will need to ensure that comprehensive security safeguards are in place as they develop cyber resources for the public.
The Skills Gap Widens
Technology can help us achieve our goals more efficiently but it is only as good and manageable as the people who use it. CompTIA research shows that 93% of employers have a skills gap in their IT professionals. This is a discrepancy between the desired skillsets as well as the existing ones. IT leaders must start with the CIO to ensure that the IT team has the right talent to leverage new and emerging technology. 80% of organizations say their IT skills gaps affect at least one area of their business, such as staff productivity, customer service/customer satisfaction, security, and so on. An investment in tech talent is a good investment for your business goals, as IT strategy increasingly plays into overall business strategy.
Privacy and Data Protection
It is hard to build trust in a brand and it can be a valuable asset. Edelman found that 81% of consumers said they need to trust brands before buying from them. To win and retain consumers’ trust, it is crucial to implement data protection and information security procedures and policies. Protecting data is more important as we emerge from the pandemic.
Uncertainty in terms of job, financial stability and health has impacted consumers over the past year. They are more determined than ever to choose institutions they trust, and data protection and information security are key components of that relationship. Businesses need to strengthen their data protection policies due to the increase in online and contactless purchasing.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Although we would prefer to forget about the past year, it brought to light important issues around business continuity and disaster recovery. How can we ensure that businesses are able to continue to function in the face of disruptions, political changes, uncertainty in supply chains, market shifts, severe weather events and public health crises like those mentioned above? Organizations are making it a priority this year to ensure that operations continue despite these obstacles.
New IT requirements were brought into sharp focus by the events of last year. Many companies were not ready to relocate their employees or operations. Businesses around the world rushed to acquire the technology or additional licensing required to resume operations. Businesses will prioritize technology in 2021 to avoid similar delays in the future.
Enhanced Agility in IT Environments
Businesses are facing a challenging landscape due to the proliferation of SaaS platforms, enterprise software, and multi-cloud environments. Businesses are seeking to adopt new infrastructure models as well as emerging technologies as part of their digital transformation.