MB-800 Exam Tips: Everything You Need to Study Successfully

The Microsoft MB-800 certification suits functional consultants who perform essential Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central setup tasks for small and medium-sized businesses. You will need to have experience configuring Dynamics 365 Business Central roles centers, as well as cues, action tile, adapting insights and charts. You should also be able expand Business Central using Microsoft Power Platform components.
Business Central is a subject matter that must be understood in practice. You should also have an understanding of industry terminology, priorities, best practices, and industry terminology. This certification is for you if you have the necessary knowledge to work as a DevOps designer, UX designer or solution architect, quality assurance manager, or administrator.
MB-800 Exam Details
The Microsoft Business Central Functional Consultant exam MB-800 has approximately 40-60 questions that can be answered in about 50 minutes. Multiple choice, sequences, drag and drop and sequences are all possible options for the exam questions. You will also be asked to review a customer case study, and provide advice based on that scenario.
Why should you obtain MB-800 certification
There are many benefits to MB-800 certification. Here are some of the benefits.
The MB-800 certification will allow you to fully understand and grasp essential concepts.

This certification will show your compliance knowledge.

Preparation for the MB-800 exam equips you to be a better consultant and expands your knowledge about central business financials, sales, purchasing and operations.

It demonstrates your commitment to professional growth and continuous learning.

It will allow you to move up in your career and increase your salary.

It is a valuable asset for clients and businesses who are looking to improve their information security.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant certification can help you see things clearly in terms of data loss prevention, content classification and governance, as well as security rules and laws.

It will help you find more reliable solutions to problems and put you ahead of your competition on the job market.

How to pass the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consult MB-800 Exam
Preparation and planning are essential for any exam. Without a clear structure, it is difficult to pass the Microsoft exam. This article contains all the tips and tricks you need to pass the MB800 exam. Let’s get to it.
1. Create a Study Plan
A study plan will not help you if you don’t have one. Proper study materials are essential for better preparation. You will need to do some research on exam-related topics in order to find the best study materials. You can find everything online. It would be helpful to focus on a few key points. This certification should be earned with a solid mindset. There should not be any confusion.
2. Learn the MB-800 Exam Concepts
It is important to have a solid foundation before you begin studying for any exam. It is important to understand the basics of the syllabus topics. All the necessary information for MB-800 exam preparation can be found on the official Microsoft website. First, you must understand the topics covered by this exam. Here is a list with topics from the MB-800 exam syllabus:
Establish Business Central (20-25%)

Configure financials (25-30%)

Configure sales and buying (10-15%)

Perform Business Central operations (30-35%).

3. Participate in Instructor-Led Training
Instructor-led training is a must to score well on the Microsoft MB800 exam. On the Microsoft website, applicants can find the instructor-led training course “MB-800T00A: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Function Consultant”.
4. Participate in an Online Community
No matter where the discussion takes place, it is always beneficial. The chances of finding a solution to a problem increase dramatically when there are many people involved. Online forums are a great way to create the community you need to solve your problem. Interacting with others who share your goals will help you reach them.
5. Use MB-800 Practice Exam to Gauge Your Learning
After learning all about the exam topics, take as many practice exams possible. The MB-800 practice exam can be a great way to gauge your preparation level. The MB-800 practice exam can be taken online and you will be tested with practice questions that are similar to the actual exam format. To help you deal with the pressure and timing, take the Microsoft MB-880 practice exam. You can identify the areas you need to focus on for impability by taking the practice exam.