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Maternity Pants
As soon as you discover that you’re pregnant it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear for the next nine months. It is clearly very a very exciting time and without a doubt, your first thoughts are going to be on buying clothes and items for your future baby, but what about yourself? As your body changes shape over the coming months you’ll find that you simply won’t be able to continue wearing what’s currently in your wardrobe. This is where maternity clothing comes into it, and one of the first items to think about are pants.
Jeans and pants are generally the first clothes you’ll notice becoming tight around the waist. Once you start adjusting them to be looser as time goes on (think wearing them with the button undone!), you’ll know its time to put them away for a few months and to instead take out the maternity pants. You’re probably thinking maternity pants have to be some awful looking, loose, unfashionable items that you’d never dream of wearing. Thankfully, in today’s world, that’s not at all the case!
Some designers and department stores now go to great lengths to stock entire ranges of maternity clothes. And pants are one of the biggest ranges you’ll find. Everything from tracksuit pants, to jeans, to leggings, to work pants to formal attire can be found in sizes that are designed to fit a pregnant woman’s expanding body.
You can pick up a high quality pair of maternity leggings for around $45. Good quality pants of this style will have a seamless waist so you can easily choose to either wear them high enough to cover your belly, or to wear them under your belly as it grows. This is essential if you wish to be able to wear the pants throughout your entire pregnancy rather than just for the first few months.
Your maternity jeans need not be straight and boring. You will be able to find styles in both under-belly and over-belly designs, and covering all the normal cuts including skinny, boot flare and all of the other familiar styles that you’ll find in regular jeans stores (some of these stores may have a small maternity section, or you can instead shop at a dedicated maternity retailer for a wider selection).
Cleverly designed maternity pants will also take into consideration your post-pregnancy time. This is a transitional time when your body slowly changes back to its original shape, and everything besides your belly can take some time to fit back into your old clothes.

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