AWS Launches Spreadsheet-Based No Code App Service Honeycode

Amazon Web Services (AWS), this week announced Honeycode beta release. This service allows users to create mobile and Web apps with minimal coding.
Honeycode promises to assist non-developers in creating custom apps using familiar spreadsheet formulas. However, it does not have the complications that come along with sharing large amounts of spreadsheet data among multiple users.
“Sharing data between multiple users and multiple spreadsheets is difficult as well as dealing with large amounts. In a blog post, Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, explained that integration and automation are also difficult and require specialized skills.
The spreadsheet-based interface allows users to use their existing knowledge of formulas in spreadsheets to create complex apps. Honeycode also offers new formulas.
The service includes customizable templates for common apps such as to-do lists and customer trackers, surveys, inventory tracking, time-off reports, team task trackers, event management, and time-off reports. You can also upload your CSV data to the service.
Honeycode allows users to easily add interactivity to their apps. You can choose from a drop-down list to add buttons or input fields. They can also program their apps so that they automatically modify tables in response to certain actions.
Honeycode beta is available for free right now. You can find more information on Honeycode’s Web site.