Youth skills for the future

Between 2021 and 2030, the youth population will increase by more than 78 millions. Nearly half of this increase will be in low-income countries. According to recent estimates, 600 million jobs will need to be created in the next 15 years to fulfill youth employment needs. The youth NEET rate, which is the percentage of young people not working or studying (the youth unemployment rate) has been stubbornly high for the past 15 years. It currently stands at 33% for young women worldwide and 13% for young men.
A UN report on digital skills proficiency levels released July 14th, 2022 shows that Bangladeshi youths trail Bhutan (68.5%), Sri Lanka (70.6%) and India (73.1), but are ahead of Nepal (87.3%) and Pakistan (90.2%) in South Asia.
2014 was the World Youth Skills Day. This day was established by the United Nations General Assembly to recognize the strategic importance of equipping young people for employment, decent work, and entrepreneurship. Robert Jenkins, UNICEF Director for Education, stated that “a skilled, inspired generation of children and youth is crucial for prosperity, progress, and the success of societies and economics.” This is a challenge that education and training institutions must meet.
Over the past 25 years, Trainocate has been a leader in Learning and Development, including reskilling and upgrading young people, IT professionals, and employees of various institutions in more than 15 countries. Trainocate provides the tools and technical training to enable individuals and organizations to achieve greatness.
Learning Fest:
Trainocate’s Learning Fests offer a free, in-depth virtual training event where both beginners and professionals can learn the basics of Microsoft.
Women in Tech:
Women in Tech is a program that provides tech-savvy women with the opportunity to learn about Microsoft technologies. It’s the first step towards validating their technical skills at no cost!
The new-age learning app allows you to develop professional expertise through 5000+ task-based training videos. These videos can be streamed from any device so that users can complete their assignments anywhere, anytime, and from any place.
Microsoft Certification Paths include:
* Fundamental – Ideal for beginners to Microsoft.
* Role-Based Certifications: The role-based certifications can be divided into expert and associate.
* Specialty certifications – where technical skills can be honed and industry solutions managed.
These certifications will equip you with the skills you need to take advantage of the many job opportunities that are available today.
Trainocate Assessment Tool, (TAT).
The Assessment Tool allows you to assess your knowledge on any course you have taken before or after training. This will allow you to take your certification exam more efficiently, from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. You can increase exam readiness, overcome fear, and boost your confidence with TAT.
Trainocate specializes:
Analytics, cloud computing, big data, programming, operating system, cybersecurity. Trainocate offers courses that focus on:
* AWS (Amazon).
* Cisco
* Google Cloud
* Microsoft
* NetApp
* Nutanix
* Splunk
* Trend Micro
* UiPath, and many other top IT vendors.
Trainocate offers a wide range of management development and people skill training to individuals and organisations under the American Management Association (AMA).
Trainocate is a Globally Recognized Training Provider. This certification will allow you to unlock your potential and provide an exceptional learning experience.
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