Wistia reveals the Secret to an Awesome Video Series

Wistia is passionately involved in building brand affinity. To spread the message, they created a whole series called Brandwagon.
Brand affinity marketing is about making your audience a true fan of your brand. It’s more than a Wistia platform. It’s the how that drives everything they do, including their content and promotion strategy for Brandwagon.
We sat down to discuss the Wistia’s Head Of Production Chris Lavigne, and Kristen Bryant, Strategic Partnerships Manager, to learn more about What’s the Plan, a series that features leading brands and influencers discussing how they plan, build and launch their most successful projects.
Here are some ways to keep your audience coming back for more.
Create content that your audience cares about
You have a unique opportunity for ongoing communication with your audience through episodic content. You must make them feel valued and rewarded for their time.
Here are some examples of how Wistia did it for Brandwagon.
Listen to your audience. Your social media channels are a treasure trove for audience feedback and engagement. Use that feedback to create content that is meaningful. Chris says, “It’s an incredible amount of time you get to interact with an audience.” “If you can engage and interact with people like this, you will build an army that is obsessed with your content.”
Strike a balance between “Wow!” & “We can do it!” Before Brandwagon, there was One, Ten, and One Hundred. It was a cinematic force that had a lot of wow factor. Wistia knew this kind of production was not possible for their core audience. Brandwagon helped them reduce the production to something that any team could manage. Kristen explains, “What we aspired for with the show was to keep it aspirational and also attainable.”
Take a look at the numbers. Chris says that we also had quantitative data about how One Ten One Hundred performed. That helped us make our Brandwagon decisions. “We looked beyond views on this stuff and looked at hours spent with the brand, not just time.
Wistia’s content is proven to be effective by the fact that Brandwagon has inspired teams to make their own shows.
Wistia uses audience feedback to improve future project planning.

The easiest way to create a project plan
In just 10 minutes, you can create a beautiful project plan. You can switch between gantt and calendar views with a single click.
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Not leads, but value
Meaningful content is the key to brand affinity. Wistia didn’t stop there. They have been as careful about how they manage their subscribers.
Kristen explains, “If you subscribed to Brandwagon we’re going give you content about Brandwagon and overlapping information that is only about content.” These people are not our marketing qualified leads. They are subscribers to our content and we are very deliberate about it.
It works. Brandwagon received some of the most positive feedback from people who had forgotten all about Wistia but came back because they loved the show.
“The best thing that we could have wished for is that we are back on people’s radar, not because of our product. Kristen says that although they may not ever need our product again, we are still providing value in another way. “It’s what I believe in.”
Use media networks to promote your products
Kristen says, “If you think of an episode of some show that you might be currently watching, there are so many resources people are creating for that single episode.”
Wistia decided to abandon the traditional SaaS launch plan and instead look to media networks such as Netflix for their promotional strategy.
Make pre- and after-launch trailers
To build buzz for your show, you don’t need to wait until production is over. Wistia developed a series trailer to get subscribers early on.