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CompTIA Network+ is the industry standard for IT infrastructure careers, including troubleshooting and management. CompTIA Network+ also covers a wide range networking skills that can be used in multi-vendor environments. Network+ certification is for entry-level IT professionals. It provides valuable experience that could be used in other areas. You can choose from many different employment opportunities depending on your job skills and expertise.
This article will discuss the job roles and other details associated with the CompTIA Network+ certification. Let’s first learn about CompTIA Network+.
CompTIA Network+ Overview
CompTIA Network+ (N10-017) certification exam is one of the most sought-after CompTIA certifications. It is specifically designed for entry-level IT professionals. This certification certifies that the candidate can manage, install, troubleshoot and configure basic network infrastructures. Candidates who are knowledgeable in networking topics can also take N10-007 certification.
We will be discussing the exam structure and the knowledge skills required for the N10-007exam in the next section.
Exam Details
CompTIA offers all information available to candidates for the N10-007 exam.
CompTIA Network+ will allow for a maximum of 90 questions. CompTIA Network+ (N10-017) exam questions can be multiple-choice or drag-and-drop. There is a maximum of 90 minutes.
Candidates must score 720 or higher to pass the exam (on an scale of 100-900).
The exam can be accessed in English, German and Japanese, as well as Spanish.
The N10-007 exam costs $338 USD. This exam usually retires after three years.
Skills and knowledge are required
This is the basic knowledge that an IT professional should have
First, design and implementation of functional networks.
Secondly, configuring and managing the network devices.
Third, identifying the advantages and limitations of existing network configurations.
Furthermore, this includes troubleshooting network issues, standardization, and security.
Finally, support the creation of virtualized network.
CompTIA N10-007 Exam Structure
These are the topics covered in the CompTIA Network+ (N10-017) exam objectives:
Domain 1: Networking Concepts
Description of the uses and purposes of ports and protocols.
Also, explain devices, protocols, apps, and services at the appropriate OSI layers.
Definition of the characteristics and notions of routing and switching.
Configuring the appropriate IP address components.
You can also compare and contrast the features of different types and types of network topologies and technologies.
Implementing relevant wireless technologies.
Next, abstract cloud concepts and determine their meanings.
Additionally, explain the purpose of network services.
Domain 2: Infrastructure
First, make sure you have the right cabling solution.
Secondly, you must determine the best place for networking devices to be placed on a network. Then configure them.
Also, describe the constancies of advanced networking devices and their use cases.
Let’s also talk about the benefits of virtualization and network storage technologies.
You can also compare and contrast WAN technologies.
Use the CompTIA Network+ (N10-017) Study Guide to prepare for the exam!
Domain 3: Network Operations
Installing the right cabling solution.
You should also determine the best place for networking devices to be placed on a network, and then install them.
Describe the concepts and uses of advanced networking devices.
Describe the purpose of virtualization and network storage technologies.
Comparing and reversing WAN technology.
Domain 4 Network Security
These are the main conclusions of physical security devices.
Authentication and access: Explained