Trend Micro adds security to the DevOps Toolbox through AWS Integration

Trend Micro announced the integration of two Amazon Web Services (AWS), Control Tower and Systems Manager Distributor, with its Cloud One security platform.
Trend Micro’s Cloud One is an embedded security framework for Web apps and containerized Web app, which includes Kubernetes, severless functions, and Kubernetes. It protects microservices apps in cloud, traditional, and Kubernetes environments.
Control Tower is an AWS native Service that provides a pre-defined set blueprints and guardrails that customers can use to create a “landing area” for new AWS accounts. According to the company, Control Tower is designed to make it easy for customers to set up their AWS accounts. It also provides an interactive user interface that allows them ongoing governance and guardrails.
AWS Systems Manager Distributor can be found in AWS Systems Manager. It is used to securely store and distribute software packages, including software agents, in AWS accounts. The Distributor feature integrates into existing Systems Manager features to simplify distribution, installation, and updating, according to the company.
Trend Micro is an AWS Partner Network Advanced Technology Partner (APN), and they have been working together since 2012 on a variety of integrations. The company hopes to offer new automated security enforcement capabilities to security, cloud and DevOps teams using AWS through these native integrations.
This native integration means that the Cloud One platform will offer broad support to its customers’ AWS infrastructure. It can be built with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances (Amazon EC2), AWS Lambda or AWS Fargate, containers and Amazon Simple Storage Service, (Amazon S3) or Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, (Amazon VPC) networking.
“We know that security teams may not always have full control or visibility into how cloud instances will be spun up, configured, and used across the company,” Sanjay Mehta (Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances at Trend Micro) stated in a statement. “Our innovations and collaboration with AWS are driven by listening to and understanding our customers’ needs and feedback.”
Mehta stated that Trend Micro’s solutions can be integrated natively with AWS offerings such as Control Tower and Systems Manager Distributor, which increases visibility and automates security for customers.
Trend Micro has been identified by IDC as the “dominant leader in Software-Defined Compute workload protection” according to their market share report, “Worldwide hybrid cloud workload security market shares, 2019: Vendor growth comes in all shapes and sizes.” According to analysts, Trend Micro holds 29.5% of global hybrid cloud workload security market share.
“Trend Micro’s continuing investment in integrations with native AWS capabilities…reduces onboarding and management friction while adopting an enhanced security posture, said Siva Padisetty, GM and AWS Systems Manager, in a statement.