Top 20 Ethical Hacking Tool in 2022

Top Ethical Hacking Apps, Tools, and Solutions
1. Invicti:
Invicti, a web-based security scanner, can identify SQL Injection and XAA vulnerabilities in your web services and applications. Invicti is available as a SaaS or on-premises solution.
Invicti has the following features:
High-accuracy detection of vulnerabilities using Proof-Based Scanning Technology
It only requires minimal configuration because Invicti can automatically detect URL redirect rules and custom error pages.
This highly scalable solution can scan 1000 web applications in one day.
Uses REST API for seamless integration with bug tracking systems, SDLC and other SDLC.
2. Acunetix:
Acunetix is an automated solution to ethical hacking that mimics hacker movements. This allows companies and systems to stay ahead malicious third-party hackers. This web app security scanner is capable of scanning JavaScript, single-page and HTML5 apps. It can also audit complex and authenticated web apps and report on compliance and management with data on various web and network vulnerabilities.
Acunetix has the following features:
This tool detects more than 1200 WordPress themes and plugins as well as core vulnerabilities.
Integration with popular Issue Trackers or WAFs is easy to aid in SDLC.
Scanning nearly all variants of SQL Injection, XSS and more than 4500 vulnerabilities.
Available as an on-premises or cloud solution.
3. SolarWinds Security Event Manager
This tool allows businesses to increase their efforts towards computer system security. This app automatically detects threats and protects networks. SolarWinds allows businesses to easily track log files and receive real-time alerts when there is suspicious behavior.
SolarWinds Security has some features:
Integrity monitoring software built in.
Leading SIEM tool that allows users manage memory stick storage
User interface and intuitive dashboard.
Centralised log collection.
It includes integrated tools for compliance reporting.
Identifies threats faster and responds to them.
4. Traceroute NG
This application allows users easy analysis of network paths. Traceroute NG identifies hostnames and packet loss and provides an accurate analysis for CLI (command-line interface).
Traceroute NG has the following features:
Provides network path analysis for both ICMP/TCP.
Creates .txt log files.
Both IPV6 as well as IPV4 are supported
Notifies you when there are changes in the path.
Allows continuous network probing.
5. Burp Suite:
This platform is great for businesses who want to run security tests on web applications. It supports the entire pen-testing process with a wide variety of hacker tools. It covers everything, from initial mapping to app’s attack surface analysis.
Burp Suite has the following features:
This is a leading tool for ethical hacking, detecting more than 3000 web app vulnerabilities