This three-letter word will allow you to make better business and life decisions

Beth, a member of my mastermind group, shared her story of being a solo entrepreneur. She also explained how she was forced to discontinue her email newsletter and start a paid course after changing her professional goals.
It seems like she has given up. She is wasting her energy, time, and money.
From my perspective, she’s one step closer towards achieving her goals. I couldn’t be happier to watch her succeed.
Quitting vs. Shifting
I’m not a serial quitter advocate. I don’t believe giving up is an option.
There is a fine line between moving in clarity and letting go chaos.
It is important to be clear about your vision, and to commit to achieving that vision.
Beth had to make the right choices to achieve her professional goals.
Your vision and purpose, no matter how small or large, are what will ground you and bring clarity to your mental workspace.
This three-letter word will help align you with your vision
How do you know if a product, feature request, idea, project or project fits within your vision. How can you determine if a product or feature request, project, idea, or product fits within your vision?
Although we don’t always have the answers immediately, they can often provide them when you ask this question:
This three-letter word is a familiar one since childhood. Its importance is even greater for leaders and decision-makers.
Ask yourself “Why?” This forces you to reexamine and reevaluate your original vision and purpose. It is important to keep in mind why you started this journey, and to evaluate if adding this task into your schedule will help to reach your goals.
You might ask different Why questions if you put things in context.
Why am I doing this?
Why is this product/project/feature important to me and my company?
What are my motivations for wanting to add/introduce/start that?
If they don’t have the answers or aren’t aligned to your vision or purpose, it may be time to scrap the idea or put it on hold.
Instead of seeing it a waste of time and effort, think about it as shifting your focus towards something more important or more effective.
Are you ready for the challenge? Jump to the end and download a 5-minute exercise (PDF). Continue reading to refine your idea.
There are three ways to get rid foggy thoughts from your head
Sometimes we can get so caught up in our thoughts and visions that it is hard to see the important things around our lives.
These are three simple, effective ways to clear your head and test your ideas before making a big decision.
1. Discuss the idea with your advisors. To present the idea and receive feedback, you can arrange a meeting. Discuss any concerns, questions, or risks that might arise during the conversation.
2. Ask your users. If you need to make a decision on a product or feature, your users can be a great resource. Send an email inviting your fans to be beta testers for the new product or feature. You will be able to hear their opinions.
3. Pay attention to industry members. You might consider investing in a website or blog for your company. You know the importance of this project and want it to begin well. Look at blogs of brands similar to yours to see how they manage them and what content engages their audiences.
The Why Filter: A 5-minute exercise
Spend 5-10 minutes answering a Why question. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing it?”