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Maternity Dresses
March 15, 2012Advice
Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still look your stylish best!
Purchasing maternity dresses before, or in the early stages of your pregnancy, will ensure you have something to wear for the entire duration of your pregnancy. In days of old, a maternity dress was big, loose and quite frankly, ugly. How times have changed! These days you don’t miss out on a thing when you’re pregnant.
Maternity dresses come in so many styles, and most of them don’t even look like what you’d imagine a maternity dress to appear like. They are chic, fashionable and well-fitting. They are also available for virtually any occasion from casual to formal and everything in between.
Many maternity dresses now come with a customized neckline that allow you to easily breastfeed your child. That’s because pregnancy dresses now are designed to be worn long after you’ve given birth. No longer do you have to waste money on clothing that you only wear for a few months!
Casual and Day DressesA maternity day dress can be bought in any number of the hundreds of styles available. In fact, good designers are now able to transform virtually any regular dress into a maternity version. Therefore we are now seeing a bigger range of stylish, fashionable dresses available for pregnant women. You don’t have to compromise as your belly grows. Some of the popular materials used in casual dresses includes rayon
Evening and Formal DressesWhether you need the maternity equivalent of a little black dress, or a complete formal gown, you can find it in maternity style. Most will have a high waist band and are often consist at least some part of spandex or other highly flexible material. This means complete comfort and peace of mind that your dress will still fit you will when you’re at a later stage in your pregnancy, as well as after your pregnancy is over.
Entire design ranges are now dedicated to fashionable maternity dresses, ranging in price from under $50 to $300 and beyond for an elegant evening dress.
It’s now possible to purchase maternity dresses online, without even trying them on. In fact, many websites are dedicated exclusively to the niche of maternity clothing, therefore they specialize in creating and selling the best garments for you to wear while you’re pregnant. The top clothing websites now have extensive visual displays where you can see virtual models in your chosen dress, plus detailed sizing charts to help you to select the best fit.
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2 Responses to “Maternity Dresses”
Shannon HawkinsFebruary 7, 201312:56 am 6. Finally, DO NOT keep wearing your maternity clothes. It may SEEM like those maternity pants will still fit after you have the baby, but they really require the actual BABY to fit properly. Once you’ve given birth, your stomach will change shape and will not hold the pants (or skirt or dress) in place. Maternity tops will hang unevenly as well. The first step toward getting your pre-baby body and closet back again is to stop dressing like you’re pregnant. Launder and dry clean all the maternity wear (or better yet, enlist someone else to do it for you) and pack it all away for the next pregnancy (yours or someone else’s).
Carmelo MackNovember 26, 20138:32 pm I’m at 19 weeks, and haven’t yet. However, I can only fit into some of my looser clothing. Two days ago I went to the maternity stores but everything I tried on looked ridiculously big. A friend told me that I should raid my husband’s closet; she hasn’t met him. He is 6′ 7″ and 240lbs. His clothes make the maternity dresses look tailored! Right now I’m digging through my wardrobe looking for larger sizes and elastic waists.
2 Responses to “Maternity Dresses”