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January 25, 2012Maternity Clothing
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In days of old, heavily pregnant women often just put on oversized t-shirts, jeans or dresses and went about their day. These days however, maternity clothing is a fully fledged fashion niche and there’s something out there for every sized pregnant women, regardless of stage of pregnancy and body shape.
The best maternity clothing will be designed to expand as your tummy grows. But as we all know, it’s often not just the midsection that can expand a little at this time, so quality maternity clothing will also take into account the rest of your body. After all, the last thing you want is to buy clothing that fits you well at 5 months but is too tight for you at 6 months! Elastane is often used in pregnancy clothing as it’s a very expandable fabric and allows the items to be form fitting.
There are now entire boutiques, department store sections, and websites dedicated solely to selling clothes to pregnant women. You can purchase just about any type of items imaginable from these retailers, including:
– Belts- Dresses- Jeans- Pajamas- Pants- Skirts- Swimwear- Tops- Underwear- Nursing Bras- Post-pregnancy clothes
Since women don’t just bounce back to their normal shape the day after giving birth, post-pregnancy clothing is an important subject to think about. Preparing in advance will mean that you’re sure to be comfortable in whatever you wear after you’ve had your baby (certainly not a time for going out shopping for new clothes!).
If you have a special formal occasion to attend while you’re pregnant, it’s good to know there’s also a huge selection of formal wear for pregnant women! Everything from beautiful lacy dresses, to formal pants and blouses. As with most maternity clothing these days, the designs don’t set out to hide your pregnancy, but rather compliment it. Designers specifically create their clothes around a woman’s pregnant body and as such, all of the features are designed for comfort and style.
The best designers can even transform regular clothing into pregnancy outfits. So if there’s a particular item you love and don’t want to give up wearing it while you’re pregnant, chances are someone out there has designed a “pregnancy” version of it.
If you’re on a budget and are skilled at sewing, you can create your own maternity clothes at home. Just ensure you use the correct elasticized material and take into account what size you may be when you’re 8 to 9 months pregnant.
Thanks to the demand for fashionable maternity clothes, women can enjoy a vast range of choices of virtually any type of clothing.
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Teresa RandallNovember 24, 20139:14 am I have suffered from palpatations on and off for seven years now,they dissapeared totally when i was pregnant with my first son,i am now pregnant again (2yrs later) and its the complete opposite i keep getting them and they end up turning into panic attacks. They start off with a fluutering feeling in my heart/chest,then my throat feels as if its being constricted,and i get breathless and dizzy as i start to panic to catch my breath. Now tihs happens anywhere anytime no particular reason triggers it off. Its extramly frightening especially as i am pregnant. I have had ECGs,blood tests and heart monitors and everything jhas come back ok,although i do have a slight “innocent heart mumour” but dont know if that would have anything to do with me keep getting theses palpations? I have been put onto beta blockers and vallium in the past,vallium works after about 20 mins which seems to stop the panic and palpations,but as ia m pregnant i cant take meds? I am very frightened,is anyone eles suffering form feelings like these especially whilst pregnant?
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