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Maternity Clothes FAQ
If you are experiencing your first pregnancy, you are probably terrified about the clothes you should wear. A lot of young mothers have a lot of questions that need to be answered before venturing into the world of maternity clothes shopping. Here are the most important things you need to know.
How long will I be able to wear my normal clothes?
It depends on your pregnancy, but it’s usually a few months before you won’t fit in your old clothes. Until then, you won’t need to buy new and expensive maternity clothes. Maternity clothes should be bought just during the last months of your pregnancy; if you are having problems finding something that will work in-between, you can always choose plus size clothes or larger models.
How can I choose my size?
It can be hard to choose a new size when you have been wearing the same size for the past years. However, usually during a pregnancy most women just go up two or three sizes, so you can just try clothes that are a little bigger and see how you feel and look in them. You won’t even notice a size change in the initial stages of your pregnancy, so only worry after the first few months about this.
Why is a maternity bra so important?
If there is something that really needs to be bought, it is probably the maternity bra; this bra will support and make you feel comfortable after your breasts have increased their size. You should start wearing one after you reached 5 months, that is the time when you will see dramatic changes happening to your body so it is best to be prepared.
Can’t I just wear plus size clothes?
Yes, you can wear plus size clothes, but those clothes will not give you the comfort you need during the late stages of your pregnancy. Even if the clothes are big, that’s not the most important factor. For example, maternity pants have an elastic band that goes on your belly which gives more support and plus size pants don’t have that. So, it is very important to buy a pair of pants that are specially made for pregnant women.