Is the AWS Security Specialist Certificate Worth It?

Is AWS Security Specialty worth it?
It is difficult to answer the question of whether an IT certification is worth it. It all depends on the certification you are looking for and what it is about. CompTIA A+ certification, for example, is a must-have if you want to get into the IT industry. However, something like the PCEP-30 Python certification (which is a learning experience, not a demonstration of knowledge) is best. It is reasonable to wonder if the AWS security specialty is worth it. This is exactly what we will discuss.
What is the AWS Security Specialty and how can I get it?
Amazon offers the AWS Security Specialty certification as an intermediate certification for IT professionals. It tests and proves that an IT professional is capable of deploying and protecting AWS cloud resources.
The AWS Security Specialty focuses on:
AWS offers specialized data classifications
AWS data protection mechanisms
What data encryption methods can AWS offer?
How to implement data encryption in AWS
What secure internet protocols AWS offers, and how to implement them
Understanding AWS security services
Competency checks to understand the trade-offs between security, costs, complexity of a deployment strategy, and security
Cloud environment security operations and risk management

AWS recommends you have at least 2 years experience in working with security protocols within AWS before you attempt the AWS Security Specialty certificate. Amazon recommends that you have a good understanding of how security controls work in AWS. It is also a good idea to have at least five years experience in designing and implementing security solutions in the IT industry.
SPOTO – AWS Data SecurityRelated Training
Start training. The certification test costs $300 USD and consists of 75 multiple-choice questions or multiple responses questions. It takes 170 minutes. Proctoring is required for the certification test of AWS Security Specialty. It can be taken at a licensed testing center, online, or in person.
What is the AWS Security Specialty Test?
The AWS Security Specialty exam is designed to test your knowledge of best practices in security with AWS products. This certification is similar to the CompTIA Security+ certification but it is only for AWS. You will find that much of the information you have learned for the Security+ certification will also apply to the AWS Security Specialty exam.
Participants will be tested to learn how to implement security protocols within AWS products with the AWS Security Specialty certificate. Amazon offers a variety of tools to support enterprise-grade security operations. These security protocols can be difficult to set up.
Let’s say you need to set up an AWS server that is HIPPA compliant. In this case, you will need to know how to create an independent server and encrypt all data. This is not possible with your standard EC2 instance. You must also know how to protect all communications that come in and out of the server.
What if you have to use Amazon’s managed databases services? How can you protect data from managed database products while remaining HIPPA and HITECH compliant?
These questions are merely rhetorical and intended to give you enough time to understand the scope of this certificate. Although the AWS Security Specialty certificate covers security far beyond HIPPA compliance and HITECH compliance it will still make it easier to deploy secure workloads. It is also important to understand the costs of deploying secure workloads versus those in non-secure environments.
How Much Does the AWS Security Specialistty Exam Cost?
The AWS Security Specialty is $300 USD. It contains 65 multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions. Candidates will have 170 minutes for the exam. Candidates can take the AWS Security Specialty exam in one sitting.