Is AWS Security worth it?

The AWS Security certification exam is for experienced cloud security professionals. This certification will show that you are able to lockdown and secure the AWS platform. It demonstrates important skills in security and safety when you operate an AWS instance on the cloud.
The exam covers a wide range of skills and knowledge, including monitoring, incident response, and logging. It also covers identity, access management, and data protection. This exam will validate your knowledge and competence in data encryption, secure internet protocols, and the AWS tools required to implement them.
It is the most important AWS security certificate, even among the many available cloud security certificates.
What is AWS Security?
The AWS Security certification is intended to teach and validate skills related to the security of AWS workloads in cloud. This exam validates many skills related to security. It demonstrates that you are familiar with data classifications and how they relate to AWS data security mechanisms. Candidates who pass this exam will show that they are familiar with how encryption methods work and how to protect internet protocols.
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Start trainingThe exam also demonstrates that you are familiar with AWS security services and features that offer security in an AWS production environment. This exam will generally validate two years of experience with AWS security. Learn how to price products and determine which features are more important when designing or suggesting system features.
What is the AWS Security Exam?
This certification’s exam objectives cover a variety of domains that all relate to security on AWS. You can find the complete document with all exam objectives here.
Domain 1: Incident Response – 12%
Domain 2: Logging & Monitoring – 20%
Domain 3: Infrastructure Security – 26%
Domain 4: Access Management and Identity – 20%
Domain 5: Data Protection – 22%

Domain 1: Incident response: This section addresses issues related to abuse notices and account breaches as well as compromised access keys. Also, you must demonstrate that you are able to verify incident response plans in relation to AWS services. You must also be able configure and evaluate automated alerting systems and remediate security incidents.
Domain 2: Logging & Monitoring: This domain will require you to demonstrate your ability to implement AWS monitoring, logging, and alerting. It also addresses important issues regarding security monitoring and alerting. You will also need to be able design and implement a log solution and troubleshoot any other logging solutions.
Domain 3: Infrastructure Security. You need to know how to create edge security on AWS. This section covers both the design and implementation of secure network infrastructure items and how to troubleshoot them. Host-based security should also be designed and implemented.
Domain 4: Identity & Access Management: You will need to design and implement a scalable authorization system and authentication system in order to access AWS resources. You will also be tested in troubleshooting and authentication systems that allow you to access AWS resources.
Domain 5: Data Protection. You will need to be able design and implement key management, key troubleshooting, and design and implement data encryption solutions for data in transit and data at rest.
What is the AWS Security Exam Price?
The AWS Security exam costs $300 USD, and takes 170 minutes. This exam has 65 questions that are multiple choice or multiple answer types. The exam can be scaled from 100 to 1000. It requires that you have the ability to answer all questions.