Gantt Chart is a great tool for project management.

Gantt Chart is a great tool for project management.

It is a well-known fact that project management is essential in all industries and businesses. Project management, as we all know, is the application and coordination of skills, knowledge, and processes to achieve the project objectives within the timeframe.
The project team uses various project management tools to ensure project delivery is efficient and effective. These tools are used in project scheduling, estimating and reporting. There are many tools and techniques for project management available in the industry.
Gantt Chart is a widely-used tool in project management.
What is the Gantt Chart and how does it work?
Gantt chart is a horizontal chart/graph that shows the progress of the project’s schedule. Henry Gantt first created and used this tool in 1917. This tool has been so popular that 67% of project professionals use it to list project activities, schedules, and interdependencies.
The Gantt chart’s basic elements are:
The project timeline
Project tasks/activities
This gives you the total duration of the project.
Gruppierung of activities under each milestone/task
Task owner

Gantt Chart online software
MS Excel can be used to create Gantt charts. But this helps project professionals manage their tasks/milestones/projects individually. This would allow each member of the team to work independently, making team coordination more difficult.
Gantt charts can be used as software to create interactive tools that can be used across all functions of an organization to help with specific projects. This allows designated people from different teams to see the progress and update data about the project activities.
Users can automate the project management chart to make it easier. They can assign activity durations, prioritize tasks, indent or outent them, set dependencies, assign and edit activity durations, lock and remove activities if they are not relevant, view the progress and activity attributes, and share the status online.
This online software calculates the working hours for each activity resource and the duration of the activity. It allows the user to modify or reallocate the time for each project resource. This software allows the user to manage project/resource time when a particular resource is unavailable for the allotted/hired amount of time. This tool can also be used to manage holidays.
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How to use a Gantt chart and collaborate with the project team:
Gantt Chart online software offers many options for managing your project. Once you have set up all of the project information on Gantt Chart online software, you can align the individual task simultaneously, assign alternate tasks and import the attachments. You can also share the documents online.
These steps will help you set up and use the Gantt charts.
Check out all the activities of the project

Once the team has prepared the WBS (Work Breakdown Scheme), assign a chart user and list all project activities.
You can also import CSV or excel files to add tasks.
Assign members of your team to perform the tasks

Once you have completed activity grouping and activity listing, you can assign the team resource (project person) to your project. You can modify the resource at any time, depending on availability. Once a team member has been assigned, their names begin appearing beside the taskbar in the project activity.
Customize Gantt chart

As the project progresses, it is possible to modify the chart.