Free Issue Log Template for Your Projects

If you want to be a professional project manager, it is important to keep track of the problems in projects. You can’t make yourself less credible by saying “Oh, really?” When someone asks about a topic, I don’t know the answer.
An issues log, which is an Excel spreadsheet, is what I use to record, remember, and manage all issues in my projects. It allows me to filter it by issue status and issue owner. I love how flexible it is.
Would you like it? It’s yours for free. I thought so.
This project issues log template is easy to use, but it will save you the time of putting one together. I guarantee it works.
The template can be found in the project management resource library. There are also other bonus items to help you manage projects more effectively and increase your career. You can access the Resource Library by clicking here. I will then send you a link to download the templates.
How to use the Project Issue Log Template
You should log any unexpected events on your project. You can then begin to work with your team to resolve the issue by taking down all details.
This article contains tips for issue reporting. If you need more guidance on what you should record and how to act on it, this article will provide some additional information.
The template has columns that record the date of the issue, the name and contact information of the person who is responsible for solving it, as well as space to write the description and the action you are taking.
You can add columns to the spreadsheet and make it more user-friendly.
What if this isn’t enough?
My Project Workbook is a comprehensive project tracking system that allows you to track actions, issues, risks and changes. Click the image below for more information.
Don’t forget to grab your project issue log template. Access the Resource Library here, and I’ll send you a link to download the templates.