Druva to Extend its Data Management Platform to AWS With ‘Apollo’

Druva, a cloud provider of data protection and management solutions, announced this week that it will add support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), to its flagship cloud platform.
The company is preparing a new service called “Apollo”, which will extend the Druva Cloud Platform’s cross-cloud data protection capabilities to AWS solutions. This includes the Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service, (S3)), Glacier, and Relational Database Service, (RDS).
According to the company’s press release, the solution will be available in the first half 2018 and will be made generally available in the second half of 2018.
Druva’s platform already offers data protection and management for Microsoft Office 365 and Box. As organizations’ computing environments become more heterogeneous, they will need to add AWS via Apollo.
“Withthegrowthandchangingdynamicsofcloudservicesusage,businessesarefacedwiththerealchallengeofnothavingacohesivewaytounderstand,protectandmanagethelifecycleoftheirdatawhereverit’sstored,”saidDavePacker,Druva’s vicepresidentof productandalliancesmarketing, in a prepared statement.”WiththisserviceaspartofourDruvaCloudPlatform,organizationswillachievegreatervisibilityintotheusageoftheircloudstoredIaaSandPaaSdataandbeabletoprotectandmanageitmoreeffectivelyovertime.”
Apollo will allow users to gain insight into their assets in both the AWS cloud or on-premises using a single control panel. It aims to help users identify “whatdataliesinsidethestorage,who’susingit,determinethelevelofprotectionforthatdataanddeterminethelifecycleorhowtomanagethedata,” Druva said in its announcement.
You can find more information about Apollo for AWS here, including sign up for a free trial.