Business Holiday Cards by Email

Get a selection digital holiday cards. It’s the season to start holiday planning!
To make it easier for you to show your appreciation to your suppliers and colleagues, I have created a set digital holiday cards for business purposes.
They can be sent from your work email address to your colleagues.
Why not send digital holiday cards directly to business contacts?
My business used to send cards to people in the olden days. It was difficult for me to find physical cards as a project manager. They were only for sales people. Yet, I had project suppliers and all sorts of people to thank throughout the year. I wanted cards.
Then, we switched to digital cards. I was able to send holiday emails with cute graphics to everyone and still feel professional.
It’s also free to send holiday greetings cards via email! It’s also better for the environment.
My experience is that people who work with me love receiving holiday cheer. You can create a digital holiday card by simply adding a jpg to an email.
It’s easy to do, it costs nothing, takes very little time, and you can bask the glory of creating a holiday feeling-good moment!
How to use holiday greeting cards via email
These email templates are great for Christmas, New Year, and general seasonal goodwill.
Step 1: The cards can be found in the resource library on this blog. If you don’t have access yet, enter your email below to receive the password to the secret webpage. Next, download the image files.
Step 2: Send an email to your contact.
Step 3: Open the image file and insert it into your email.
Tip: Use the Insert a photo option in Outlook to have the image appear in the body. Drag and drop will result in an attachment that is not beneficial for the recipient.
Step 4: Add a personal note, preferably mentioning them personally. If you have lots to do, Outlook can mail merge. However, I prefer doing them manually.
Step 5: Click Send.
That’s it!
Because many of my suppliers, colleagues, and team members are overseas, I enjoy sending holiday cards via email. It also cuts down on the time and effort required to go to the post office to weigh and weigh the letters. Emails with pictures are a great way to acknowledge the season, thank someone for their contributions, recognize their efforts, and create a little bit more goodwill… without taking up too much of your time.
Project managers don’t have the time or budget to spend hours on this. Instead, use these digital holiday templates to spread the cheer!
Enter your email below to get instant access the resource library. You can download the 5 holiday cards as well as a host other templates and resources.
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