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Maternity Dresses
March 15, 2012Advice
Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still look your stylish best!
Purchasing maternity dresses before, or in the early stages of your pregnancy, will ensure you have something to wear for the entire duration of your pregnancy. In days of old, a maternity dress was big, loose and quite frankly, ugly. How times have changed! These days you don’t miss out on a thing when you’re pregnant.
Maternity dresses come in so many styles, and most of them don’t even look like what you’d imagine a maternity dress to appear like. They are chic, fashionable and well-fitting. They are also available for virtually any occasion from casual to formal and everything in between.
Many maternity dresses now come with a customized neckline that allow you to easily breastfeed your child. That’s because pregnancy dresses now are designed to be worn long after you’ve given birth. No longer do you have to waste money on clothing that you only wear for a few months!
Casual and Day DressesA maternity day dress can be bought in any number of the hundreds of styles available. In fact, good designers are now able to transform virtually any regular dress into a maternity version. Therefore we are now seeing a bigger range of stylish, fashionable dresses available for pregnant women. You don’t have to compromise as your belly grows. Some of the popular materials used in casual dresses includes rayon
Evening and Formal DressesWhether you need the maternity equivalent of a little black dress, or a complete formal gown, you can find it in maternity style. Most will have a high waist band and are often consist at least some part of spandex or other highly flexible material. This means complete comfort and peace of mind that your dress will still fit you will when you’re at a later stage in your pregnancy, as well as after your pregnancy is over.
Entire design ranges are now dedicated to fashionable maternity dresses, ranging in price from under $50 to $300 and beyond for an elegant evening dress.
It’s now possible to purchase maternity dresses online, without even trying them on. In fact, many websites are dedicated exclusively to the niche of maternity clothing, therefore they specialize in creating and selling the best garments for you to wear while you’re pregnant. The top clothing websites now have extensive visual displays where you can see virtual models in your chosen dress, plus detailed sizing charts to help you to select the best fit.
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February 21, 2012Maternity Clothing
Congratulations on being a future mother! You are probably all supplied with different books that tell you what to do when you are pregnant but you may no know what kind of clothes to buy. There is no point in buying all the clothes at the beginning of your pregnancy and it is better to wait for your body to change and get new clothes every trimester. This way, you will know for sure that what you buy fits you perfectly and you will feel comfortable.
Your belly is already showing signs and although it may not be big yet, it may just be big enough to not fit in your regular pants. There is no point in buying a new pair of pants in your first trimester but you can consider a waistband extender. Most women don’t want to let people know about their pregnancy until the second trimester and you can do this by wearing loose clothes and by putting aside the tight ones. It can be easy to hide those few extra pounds you will gain in the first few weeks by wearing clothes that flow over your belly and hips.
The second trimester is when everything grows. To save some money, you can go for clothes that can be adjusted. As your belly will get bigger, you won’t have to buy new clothes or sacrifice comfort. Your breasts will also increase so it may be a good time to get some new bras which will fit. It is very likely that you will have to get a few sizes bigger but also think about comfort instead of style. If you are working, you will need something that will help you through the week and a nice wrap dress may be exactly what you are looking for.
That last trimester may seem a bit challenging. Your body has changed and you may feel a bit big and not in the mood for shopping. Consider getting a maxi dress; this is very comfortable and easy to wear, not to mention that it is the number one clothing item for women close to their due date. To make for a nice look, you can go for bigger accessories than what you normally wear.
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January 25, 2012Maternity Clothing
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In days of old, heavily pregnant women often just put on oversized t-shirts, jeans or dresses and went about their day. These days however, maternity clothing is a fully fledged fashion niche and there’s something out there for every sized pregnant women, regardless of stage of pregnancy and body shape.
The best maternity clothing will be designed to expand as your tummy grows. But as we all know, it’s often not just the midsection that can expand a little at this time, so quality maternity clothing will also take into account the rest of your body. After all, the last thing you want is to buy clothing that fits you well at 5 months but is too tight for you at 6 months! Elastane is often used in pregnancy clothing as it’s a very expandable fabric and allows the items to be form fitting.
There are now entire boutiques, department store sections, and websites dedicated solely to selling clothes to pregnant women. You can purchase just about any type of items imaginable from these retailers, including:
– Belts- Dresses- Jeans- Pajamas- Pants- Skirts- Swimwear- Tops- Underwear- Nursing Bras- Post-pregnancy clothes
Since women don’t just bounce back to their normal shape the day after giving birth, post-pregnancy clothing is an important subject to think about. Preparing in advance will mean that you’re sure to be comfortable in whatever you wear after you’ve had your baby (certainly not a time for going out shopping for new clothes!).
If you have a special formal occasion to attend while you’re pregnant, it’s good to know there’s also a huge selection of formal wear for pregnant women! Everything from beautiful lacy dresses, to formal pants and blouses. As with most maternity clothing these days, the designs don’t set out to hide your pregnancy, but rather compliment it. Designers specifically create their clothes around a woman’s pregnant body and as such, all of the features are designed for comfort and style.
The best designers can even transform regular clothing into pregnancy outfits. So if there’s a particular item you love and don’t want to give up wearing it while you’re pregnant, chances are someone out there has designed a “pregnancy” version of it.
If you’re on a budget and are skilled at sewing, you can create your own maternity clothes at home. Just ensure you use the correct elasticized material and take into account what size you may be when you’re 8 to 9 months pregnant.
Thanks to the demand for fashionable maternity clothes, women can enjoy a vast range of choices of virtually any type of clothing.
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January 17, 2012Maternity Clothing
As soon as you discover that you’re pregnant it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear for the next nine months. It is clearly very a very exciting time and without a doubt, your first thoughts are going to be on buying clothes and items for your future baby, but what about yourself? As your body changes shape over the coming months you’ll find that you simply won’t be able to continue wearing what’s currently in your wardrobe. This is where maternity clothing comes into it, and one of the first items to think about are pants.
Jeans and pants are generally the first clothes you’ll notice becoming tight around the waist. Once you start adjusting them to be looser as time goes on (think wearing them with the button undone!), you’ll know its time to put them away for a few months and to instead take out the maternity pants. You’re probably thinking maternity pants have to be some awful looking, loose, unfashionable items that you’d never dream of wearing. Thankfully, in today’s world, that’s not at all the case!
Some designers and department stores now go to great lengths to stock entire ranges of maternity clothes. And pants are one of the biggest ranges you’ll find. Everything from tracksuit pants, to jeans, to leggings, to work pants to formal attire can be found in sizes that are designed to fit a pregnant woman’s expanding body.
You can pick up a high quality pair of maternity leggings for around $45. Good quality pants of this style will have a seamless waist so you can easily choose to either wear them high enough to cover your belly, or to wear them under your belly as it grows. This is essential if you wish to be able to wear the pants throughout your entire pregnancy rather than just for the first few months.
Your maternity jeans need not be straight and boring. You will be able to find styles in both under-belly and over-belly designs, and covering all the normal cuts including skinny, boot flare and all of the other familiar styles that you’ll find in regular jeans stores (some of these stores may have a small maternity section, or you can instead shop at a dedicated maternity retailer for a wider selection).
Cleverly designed maternity pants will also take into consideration your post-pregnancy time. This is a transitional time when your body slowly changes back to its original shape, and everything besides your belly can take some time to fit back into your old clothes.
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January 11, 2012Maternity Clothing
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Shopping online is convenient and often cheaper than going to a store. It’s simple to buy most items online, but when it comes to clothes, most people still like to adhere to the old fashioned way of going to the retail department and trying them on. It may be surprising then to learn that there are tens of thousands of clothing and shoe company’s who are selling their wares online. And many of these are now online-only stores. Buying clothes online has come a long way in recent years, and purchasing your maternity clothing on the internet could not be easier.
As soon as you start searching for maternity clothing stores on the internet you will notice something: there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of online stores which are dedicated 100% to selling only maternity clothing and related accessories. This is a great time to be pregnant, because the competition is fierce amongst retailers, and therefore you benefit by having access to quality items are competitive prices.
Some of the maternity clothes that you can easily buy online include tops, pants, dresses, bras, swimwear, fitness gear, outerwear, sleepwear, lingerie – the list goes on!
All good clothing websites will have a size chart that allows you to quickly determine which size is right for you, regardless of the type of clothing. Ensuring a good fit and the right size is what has held many people back from purchasing clothes online, however using a detailed size chart you can simply measure yourself and match it up to the size of the clothing on offer.
Retailers encourage women to order based on their pre-pregnancy size. That’s because the clothes are designed based on your size before you’re pregnant, and to then expand and fit you throughout your pregnancy. There’s no need to guess what size you will be next month or in 7 months time, because the designers have taken this into account for you.
Shirts, tops, pants, dresses and other items can usually be purchased in sizes ranging from extra small (0-2), up to 3X large (26-28). This size will also be your maternity size which you can use as a base for all your clothes before and during your pregnancy.
Purchasing your maternity clothes online provides unrivalled convenience and selection. You can browse in seconds a huge range of styles and ideas, as well as compare what various retailers have to offer, all in a matter of minutes. The same level of shopping experience would take hours of tiring walking in a conventional shopping mall!
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December 29, 2011Advice
 Maternity clothes are meant to offer the maximum of comfort to a pregnant woman and they can prevent pain and soreness if worn properly. There isn’t any reason why maternity clothes can’t also mean stylish and fashionable but their first purpose is to fit a woman during her pregnancy and to help her through this time.
A blouse for example should have some extra material in the front for the growing bump so that the woman wearing it will not feel constrained as her belly grows to make room for the baby. Practicality is very important but if we add some nice colors and a good looking design, we will see that it can be easy to feel sexy during pregnancy.
Maternity pants also come with some custom improvements. Most of them are made of elastic material or at least have an adjustable band. It is always good to for adjustable clothes during pregnancy because it can help you save money and you won’t have to change your clothes every other month. Zippers, buttons, elastic materials can all make for great and comfortable clothes.
One of the main changes to a pregnant woman’s body is in the breasts which tend to grow a few sizes and sometimes become sore and tender. This is where a good maternity bra will prove very useful. You can expect it to be bigger than what you are used to and also offer you more support; this will help with the soreness. Once you deliver, you can get a nursing bra which will make it easier for when you have to breastfeed.
Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up skirts; quite the opposite actually, a nice skirt will help you feel comfortable and it is a great choice for pregnant women. These are usually made of stretchy material and they can have an elastic band at the top for a better support and feel.
Live colors are always a great choice although some women may prefer black or gray because it makes them look thinner. Show off your style while pregnant and you will surely look good all the time.
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December 19, 2011Advice
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Women often feel unattractive during pregnancy without knowing that a woman looks her best when she is pregnant. Here are a few tips that will make you look amazing during pregnancy.
Buy a pair of jeans or trousers that fit you – there’s little chance that your normal pair of jeans will fit you in the second or third trimester so make sure that you buy some jeans that fit you and look amazing. This is very important if you want to feel good and comfortable throughout the day. Jeans will make any woman feel sexy and you can combine them with a baby doll top to make yourself look even better. If you don’t like wearing jeans you can easily buy some other pants that will fit you; make sure that the material is lose and comfortable enough to give you enough room for wide movement. Hemp, cotton or silk are natural materials that will make you feel amazing and will help your skin ventilate.
Comfortable bra – everybody knows that during pregnancy your breasts become bigger so you will need to get a bra that will fit. I know that you will be tempted to wear one of your old bras but that won’t be a good idea since you might experience a bit of pain too. Another important thing about choosing a good bra that fits is the fact that it will improve your posture and make you look beautiful. You will also avoid any back pain with it and your breasts will probably thank you. Also, there’s no need to skip wearing sexy lingerie if you are pregnant, you will probably notice it fits better if you had problems buying a bra because your breasts were too small. Pregnancy can be a nice time for most ladies out there.
Bathing suit – looking hot in a bathing suit while being pregnant may seem odd for some, but it can happen. Just pick a bathing suit that suits your figure and try to get it a size bigger so you can wear it during the next months too. There are plenty of stores that sell bathing suits for pregnant women so you won’t even need to stress with this piece of clothing. You can always look good if you feel good.
With these items you will surely look amazing but don’t forget about accessories either. A scarf, a nice bracelet or a cute hat are not expensive and they can make you look even better.
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December 8, 2011Advice
If you are experiencing your first pregnancy, you are probably terrified about the clothes you should wear. A lot of young mothers have a lot of questions that need to be answered before venturing into the world of maternity clothes shopping. Here are the most important things you need to know.
How long will I be able to wear my normal clothes? It depends on your pregnancy, but it’s usually a few months before you won’t fit in your old clothes. Until then, you won’t need to buy new and expensive maternity clothes. Maternity clothes should be bought just during the last months of your pregnancy; if you are having problems finding something that will work in-between, you can always choose plus size clothes or larger models.
How can I choose my size? It can be hard to choose a new size when you have been wearing the same size for the past years. However, usually during a pregnancy most women just go up two or three sizes, so you can just try clothes that are a little bigger and see how you feel and look in them. You won’t even notice a size change in the initial stages of your pregnancy, so only worry after the first few months about this.
Why is a maternity bra so important? If there is something that really needs to be bought, it is probably the maternity bra; this bra will support and make you feel comfortable after your breasts have increased their size. You should start wearing one after you reached 5 months, that is the time when you will see dramatic changes happening to your body so it is best to be prepared.
Can’t I just wear plus size clothes? Yes, you can wear plus size clothes, but those clothes will not give you the comfort you need during the late stages of your pregnancy. Even if the clothes are big, that’s not the most important factor. For example, maternity pants have an elastic band that goes on your belly which gives more support and plus size pants don’t have that. So, it is very important to buy a pair of pants that are specially made for pregnant women.
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November 30, 2011Maternity Bras
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It can sometimes be a surprise to see that the bras you had are no longer comfortable during pregnancy. Given the many changes your body will go through when your pregnant, you need to consider that at one point and you will have to buy new bras. Some women think that they can get through their pregnancy with their old ones and then just switch to a nursing bra but this is usually not the case.
Support and comfort are the main things you will need to consider and start looking for a good bra from the beginning of the pregnancy. An increase in breast size is one of the first physical signs of pregnancy and some women can also experience pain and increased sensitivity. This is why having that perfect bra will be important and it will reduce the effects.
Going to a maternity store is a very good idea and the personal here can be very useful in suggesting the right items. Although style is important, the main thing is that it is comfortable and that it can do its job properly. You will want something that can hold your breasts steady and not allow them to bounce at every step you take. The size will be a bit bigger than your previous bras and make sure that the strap can be easily adjusted. Bras for pregnant women are usually adjustable and offer more support.
As far as the material goes, try to think comfort and get something soft. Cotton is usually the best choice and you will surely like how it feels on your skin and cotton clothes are more resistant to wearing and washing. Pregnancy bras can help you deal with the changes to your body and they can help you avoid soreness and tenderness with your breasts. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you will have to switch to a nursing bra which is much larger.
 It can be easy to find that perfect bra during pregnancy as long as you go to the right store and be willing to try something new. It will also make look good and will give the needed support to your breasts.
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November 21, 2011Maternity Clothing
A lot of women don’t plan their outfits when they are pregnant and they usually end up wearing terrible clothes that constrain them and make them feel uncomfortable. If you are pregnant or you are planning to get pregnant there are some items that you will need to have in your wardrobe in order to be prepared.
Waist Band Expanders – These are essential if you want to wear jeans or trousers and you want them to fit. You can add them to your jeans or you can simply buy jeans designed for pregnant women. They will even make you feel more comfortable and will make you look slimmer. Buy expanders in the first trimester because you will soon need them.
White Shirt – The white classic shirt never fails. If you want to be comfortable and wear something more elegant you need to buy this shirt. Make sure that it is a few sizes bigger because you will want to wear it in those last months too. If you don’t want to buy one you can even borrow one from your husband, it should be large enough for you in the last trimester and you will feel amazing in it.
Baby Doll Dress or Blouse – If you want to look amazing at a party and have that beautiful feminine look, a baby doll dress will never fail. Also, for an everyday look that will even hide your belly in those first months, you will have to choose a baby doll blouse. They are specially created to offer more space for your belly and make you look very feminine and young.
Comfortable T-shirts – everybody owns a T-shirt and you will definitely have to get a few of them if you will have your last trimester in summer or spring. Make sure they are cotton and large enough for you to feel comfortable. Nothing beats a nice T-shirt when it comes to comfort.
Comfortable Shoes – There is nothing more important than wearing comfortable shoes during pregnancy and you should know that. Your feet will start to ache and will get swollen easily so the worst thing you can do is to wear a pair of high heels or other type of uncomfortable shoes. Make sure that they feel good and if it’s summer, make sure that you are not constraining your leg too much because the heat may increase swelling. Avoid shoes that will make your feet sweat at all costs and you should be fine.
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