Bill Morroz, Agile Delivery Champion, explains how Enterprise Data can be used to communicate impact and celebrate wins.

Bill Moroz, the agile delivery champion, will show you how to harness enterprise information, celebrate your project’s success and build trust over time.
Highlights from Interviews
Bill is an agile delivery champion and one of our newest additions to the DPM experts team. He has been a leader of enterprise-scale digital transformations over 22 years and is an expert implementer of agile principles in distributed teams. [0:42]
A large Caribbean mobile company was the latest example of a digital transformation they have achieved. 22 languages, 22 currencies, different regulations of compliance, different underlying infrastructure and network architecture, and bringing them all together in one product and service catalog. [3:15]
A long time ago, in a valley far from… Bill was asked by the CMO for a solution to data-related problems. Three weeks had passed since Bill took on the role of data warehouse manager. He relied on data and analytics to discover the answer. He also relied upon his natural ability to understand customers. He understood from that moment that data was essential for the use of technological solutions to inform business decisions [6:04].
It is important to know how to combine products with services to increase revenue, offer more products and improve customer experience. [9:21]
“Your foundation should be in place to ensure that you are building on features that generate income.” — Bill Moroz
To launch the market, iterative development with stakeholders. If you have strong analytics, Salesforce or Google analytics will be able to measure the return. [14:00]
After each sprint, Bill would hold a retrospective with his team. Business stakeholders would also be included in the remaining time. [19:03]
The waterfall project is very rigid. This is based upon the confirmation of requirements. It is based upon testing and development. [23:22]
Discounting is a priority because the mobile phone industry in Central South America, the Caribbean and the Caribbean is constantly evolving. [24:14]
Bill had previously worked on a waterfall project where they created something to sell. They were competing against a market that was just one year old. They were therefore one year behind their competition when they released it. [26:03]
Bill and his team tried many times to pivot. There was too much stress about pivoting because the foundational elements were built against a 14-month-old, stale requirements document. [26:37]
“Understanding data management is a big step to actually having the data.” — Bill MOroz
The data actually supported an argument for business, which led to a multimillion dollar infrastructure upgrade. [32:04]
Your analytics modules should be configured to meet the needs of your stakeholder. They should be able to access the data according to their expectations. [33:24]
Data can have extreme power, or it could be extremely powerful depending on how it is used. [37:37]
Bill’s top tip is [44:53] for anyone who wants to harness enterprise data and make it enjoyable and rewarding for their stakeholders and team.
Guest Bio:
Bill Moroz is a veteran champion of client-facing delivery and is committed to enabling CX business transforms through Agile delivery complex technology solutions.
Bill has been helping large banks and financial services companies to drive results over 22 years. He has succeeded in promoting, developing, delivering, and migrating complex enterprise programs.
He has a solid track record of positive on-time results and on-budget results