AWS Launch Wizard for SQL Server Amazon Web Services has announced AWS Launch Wizard to SQL Server. This wizard is designed to simplify the process for sizing, configuring, and deploying highly available Microsoft SQL Server solutions. AWS Launch Wizard to SQL Server simplifies the process of deploying self managed Microsoft SQL Server Always On Availability groups on Amazon EC2. The cloud giant explained that AWS Launch Wizard will identify the appropriate AWS resources to deploy and operate your SQL Server Always On application. AWS Launch Wizard will present you with an estimated cost for deployment and allow you to modify your resources, allowing you to instantly see an updated cost assessment. AWS Launch Wizard configures the resources and creates a fully functional production-ready SQL Server Always On application within a matter of hours after you approve. It also creates custom CloudFormation templates to automate repetitive tasks. Steve Roberts, AWS’s director of product management, published a detailed review of the new service. He described it as an automated way to accelerate enterprises’ journeys to the cloud. [Click on the image to see a larger view.] AWS Launch Wizard to Install SQL Server (source : AWS). Roberts stated that the wizard will guide you through an end to end deployment experience with Always On Availability Groups using prescriptive guidelines. “By answering a few questions about the application, such as performance characteristics, the wizard will then identify, provision, and configure matching AWS resources such EC2 instances, volumes of Amazon Elastic Block Store EBS, and an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. The wizard generates a dynamic cost estimate based on your selections. You can modify your resource selections to see an updated cost assessment. This will help you match your budget. The company lists the following use cases:

  • Set-up production-ready SQL Server Always On deployments
  • Cost optimize SQL Server Always On deployment
  • Try new SQL Server Always On configurations
  • Connect on-premises Active Directory with SQL Server Always On deployments

The tool is completely free to use. Customers are only responsible for AWS resources that are used for running SQL Server applications.