Ask your experts

This is not me. Going to the salon is the best thing. The second best part about going to the salon is being able to sit down for an hour while someone takes care of my hair. My hairdresser has become a friend to me. I will ask her for her opinion. She is the expert. A haircut can also take an hour of hair expertise.
“Do you think it’s worth buying hair straighteners?”
She stops mid-cut. “Not really. “Your hair is already straight.”
“I thought people used them for making their hair curly.”
She tugs at her comb. “Straighteners”, is not the right term. They shouldn’t all be used daily.
“I know someone who does.”
She looks terrified. She said, “You should protect your hair from heat.” Then we have a discussion about heat protection sprays. She explains conditioners and tells me to stop using them.
I am always learning.
I am surrounded by experts. I work with lawyers, software developers, and SEO specialists. My job as a project manager involves knowing which experts I should call. Although I don’t have a lot to offer, I do know many people with.
Project managers are responsible to a wide range of tasks, including planning and risk management as well as issue resolution. It is impossible to accurately estimate the scope of a project from a single desk. Everyone involved in the project must be involved. This will lead to better estimates and more business buy in, which is better for your project.
Experts are someone we should trust. As project managers, our role is to manage others and include them as much as we can.
How can you include experts into your projects? Is there a situation where you don’t feel the need?