5 Best Project Management Softwares for Mac

Apple products are easy to use, quick and simple to use, according to Apple enthusiasts. Apple device users, whether they are using an iPhone, iPad, and iMac, have been described as creative and cool trendsetters.

Businesses are no different. Businesses are no different.
The Best Project Management Software For Mac
You can find many cloud-based options by simply searching for Mac-specific project management software. Many companies are searching for a local version of programs such as Teamwork, LiquidPlanner and Wrike.
To help buyers decide on the best options, I analyzed the top five project management programs for Mac.
I evaluated these tools looking for the characteristics Mac users are most interested in: intuitive design, mid-end pricing and the “coolness factor” found in Mac’s brand through its easy functionality.
These Mac project management software options can be arranged alphabetically.

Daylite is a small business software that combines customer relationship management software with project management tools. It’s specifically designed for Apple products. Capterra has nearly 50 reviews, with a solid rating of 4.5/5. Users praise Daylite’s “tight integration” with Apple hardware and software.
Anyone who has worked in Apple’s ecosystem should feel at home with Daylite’s UI. Daylite’s design and feel is similar tools like Keynote and iCal, and is equally intuitive to use. Daylite can be used by project managers to link all their important pieces together, from tasks to notes to emails to contacts. Daylite is a lightweight project management software that can also be used as a task manager. This is ideal for small clients-focused businesses.
Notable features
Price: $29/user/month
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FastTrack Schedule

FastTrack Schedule 10.2 is well-acquainted with its users. Its interface is intuitive. One Macworld reviewer said it best:
[FastTrack Schedule 10] has the familiar Mac look and feel. It features easy-to-identify icons to layouts, filters and sorting. All of this is accompanied by a text label that matches what you see on iPhoto.
FastTrack Schedule 10 is easy to learn if you are familiar with Mac software such as Keynote or Safari.
Notable features
Looking for software solutions that offer similar features? These FastTrack Schedule alternatives might be the right fit for you.
Price: $349
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One reviewer noted that iTaskX was extremely simple to use. He said that the software is easy to learn, intuitive, and easy to use even if you have never used itaskX before.
The program of iTaskX is well-designed and easy to use. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project, which is the most popular project management program by a wide margin. iTaskX allows users to open Microsoft Project files and exchange information using XML or MPX files. It is based on Waterfall project management, which uses Gantt charts, tasks and resources and organizes all this information into simple graphics.
Notable features
These iTaskX alternatives can be a great place to start if you are looking for products with similar features.
Price: $140
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Merlin Project
I couldn’t review this software without mentioning Merlin Project, one of the most widely used project management tools for Mac.

Merlin’s intuitiveness is the first thing that comes to mind. Merlin may not have all the features, but it does have the most.