Interview Questions for Project Managers I’ve been laid off five times. Yep. Yes. This is not something I do as a theorist. I have a lot of experience in interviewing. I think it is more than most. All of this and more is in my PM Career Coaching newsletter. You can sign up now to the right. Here are some of my favorite questions for project and management management. I prefer open-ended questions and I expect to hear specific examples of the candidate’s experience.

We would love to hear about your experience with managing different projects. How can you manage non-productive members of […]

Project Manager Career Options Wondering about your options for a career as a project manager? You are unique (just like everyone else). A quick shout out to all new students who are taking their careers seriously this week. Welcoming Brenda, Gayle and Jessica, Gayle, Scott, Worthey (Colin), Colin, Jessica (a new Jessica), Pacheco, J.B. Your Career General training is great. It can help you get the foundations you need to move up in your career. Sometimes, you have a specific question. You are struggling with a specific scenario that is unique to you. We have answers to your questions! This week has been filled with amazing questions and discussions about these topics.

Domain Knowledge – How important for project managers? Do you think PMP certification will help you land a job […]